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 Ramón Benedito: Inspiration and sobriety

Ramón BeneditoRamón Benedito one of the most outstanding Spanish designers of advanced technology products, Ramon Benedito created in the 80's one of the few experimental design groups in Spain, Transatlantic. Ramón Benedito was born in Barcelona in 1949 and studied at the School of Design Elisava. His beginnings were with the development of massive objects in plastic, until the decade of the 80. He then turned to objects for specialized industries lab machines, optical, telephony, microelectronics, high fidelity and precision instruments. His designs, highly rational and rigorous, reflecting a warm, Mediterranean mentality. In 1973 he founded Benedito Design with Maite Prat, specialized in the design and product development, specifically in the design of electronics and information technology, technical and scientific instruments, machines and tools, lighting, domestic appliances, components for installations study for construction, packaging, packaging and furniture. In 2000 the studio moved to new premises in Sant Cugat, and in 2004 the second generation, the architect Gae Benedito is incorporated.

In 1984, Benedito created the experimental design group Transatlantic with Josep Puig and Lluís Morillas, one of the few groups of transgressive design that emerged in Spain in the 80s, and held a prominent task of technological and formal research, free of bonds. Transatlantic was dissolved in 1989, but Benedito continued to work on his own in the experimental line.

In the path of Benedito Design comfortably live semi-traditional design concepts and high-tech projects of small and large investments. Since its inception it has developed under the sign of diversity. His main area of activity is the scientific design of electronics and computer science, and technical instruments, including such disparate objects as a fax, a coffee machine, office furniture, faucet taps for the bathroom, a personal computer, a stool, an automobile, machinery and tools, lighting, domestic appliances, components for facilities and construction, packaging, packaging and furniture. All have in common the rigor and method, "guarantee that all the aspects involved in defining the design of a product will best serve the purpose for which they have been designed."

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