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 Phoenix Design: Logic, moral and magic

Phoenix Design design company globally recognized for the genius of his worksPhoenix design team consists of Andreas Haug Tom Schönherr, Manfred Dorn and Harald Lutz. Typically offer classic designs of products and user experiences with the design.

With over 40 employee, Phoenix Design team is one of the leading design studios in Germany, with a branch in Shanghai Sazhou. It was very true to its philosophy long, and have endured for many years as external image of the Hansgrohe brand makes.

The core values of this company is based on ethics and design aesthetics, economy and ecology, the accuracy and ergonomics, plus the interests of manufacturers and users who apply their knowledge. The products created by Phoenix design are not created by stars alone. Do not carry a design firm identification, but rather obtain their unique form through the craftsman skills and vision, influence people, the environment and markets today.

If a product is convincing due to its logic, if ethics is above the fleeting spirit of the age and if it captivates with its magic, then we can say that it is a product designed by Phoenix design.

Good design not only equivalent to grant durability and ecological products qualities, but that a product must be compelling because of its logic, if your ethics that is above the fleeting spirit of the age, it also must include a pinch of magic. Magic that has the power to transform even mass-produced articles in true personalities able to impress a jury. The increasing functional diversity of many modern products increases the need for their complex business processes are attractive, sensual and intuitive

In the list of exclusive clients of Phoenix Design are no manufacturers of innovative brands such as Loewe, Kaldewei, Hansgrohe, Gira, Lamy, LG, Laufen and Viessmann. Phoenix Design has developed several bathroom designs for LAUFEN: the timeless and flexible "living by Laufen", the tribute of Bauhaus "form by Laufen" style, "Gallery", which due to its variety of designs found favor with many, more style "living city by Laufen".

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