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Jean-Marie Massaud nació en 1966 y se graduó de la ENSCI en 1990. En 2000 fundó Estudio MassaudJoan Gaspar designs are successful, beautiful and pure functionality ideas.

Joan Gaspar, born in 1966, studied industrial design at the School of Arts and Crafts in Barcelona. In 1988, he started working at the company Vapor SA, founded by Lluís Porqueras and Jaume Vaquero in 1979 to produce objects that went against the metal design High-Tech in vogue at the time, with a rational and minimalist proposal. With Lluís Porqueras created the bollard Finisterre, one of the first reconceptualization of a classic urban element, with obvious functional enhancements, and Santa Cole published in 1992.

In 1992, Gaspar collaborated with various companies in the creation of new product lines: Santa Cole, Mery, Industries Conesa, Manufactures Rocal, B-Lux, Sellex and Daisalux.

Since 1996 he works closely with Marset Lighting in developing new products, and now is creative director of the company. "The fact that the product is good or not so good, designer and depends largely on the company that produces it and, above all, how it occurs, how to market, how it explains and promotes how . of all these 'how to' stand out 'how it produces'. the technical solutions and materials used determine the image and functionality of the product and this is their success or failure, "says Joan Gaspar. For the designer, producer and designer collaboration for the emergence of a quality product it is needed.

Since 1998, Gaspar teaches Materials and Technology applied to industrial design at the Elisava School in Barcelona, and currently teaches at the Eina design school in the course of projects. In 2002 he opened his own professional office, which focuses on industrial design. "A good design is one that aims to be simple, without fanfare or espectacularidades, considering that the objects have to be assessed to the extent that demonstrate effectiveness in its use, an assessment that occurs slowly, but it does the product is appreciated over time. The latter is what determines whether a design is successful or just a fad product, which does not consider a negative, provided that it is the desired goal. " As a freelance designer, currently creates products for Santa Cole, Marset, Perobell, Mobles114, DAE, Ceramics Aguadé, Pom d'Or, April production Stilus, Olot SA Resins or Astral Pool.

Gaspar creations have been recognized in the field of design. He obtained in 2000 the first prize at the International Competition of the 37th edition of the Furniture Fair of Valencia, a coffee table with sliding on top. His lamp Atlas, which the author defines as effective and witty, won the Silver Delta Prize ADI-FAD in 2001. They also highlight the Atila lamp and TV, for Marset, "lamps have to be overlooked: even when switched its objective is to provide well-being and warmth. "In 2005, he received another Silver Delta Prize for his neon light.

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