Guarantee our products

 We appreciate the confidence placed in us and we give you our good riddance because just choose a high quality product. Home Eden guarantees its products against defects in workmanship or operating under the conditions specified below. Once the product is installed and within a month, please fill in the warranty card and return it to the address of the manufacturer in the country where you purchased the product.
 The period of validity of the warranty is 2-5 years full warranty, according to manufacturer, from the date of delivery of the product, or failing that, from the date of the invoice, subsanándose free any user any manufacturing defect or performance. If the product is installed in a different country of purchase, term and conditions of the guarantee are strictly legal in that country.
 The warranty is not effective in the following cases: a) failure or malfunction caused by defects or non-compliance of specific installation or hydraulic, electrical or gas networks. b) corrosion, calcification or abrasion motivated by lack of cleaning and / or maintenance, improper use, storage do their inadequate or ill-des per breakage or defects have been used for water above 600 C temperature, wear or any abnormal use other cause beyond the device. c) Intervention by unauthorized personnel or standing use of non-original spare bang.