All orders placed through our online shop will be shipped with insurance for breakage or loss in transport, to which you can add a basic insurance up to 400 euros and full insurance for the stated value of the purchase.

For this reason we ask that all orders are reviewed in the shortest time possible to detect any abnormalities. If you detect any breakage or defect in the product, please within 24 hours after delivery of the order we report this issue, to claim it immediately to the safe transport and to restore him as soon as the products claimed.

It is important that we attach to the claim of the photographs incidence of abnormality and a description to expedite service.

Track a Shipment:
 Once you have managed your order, you will receive a tracking number for your order with which you will be notified of your order status at any time until receipt of the same.

Pre-alerts service:
 We offer free pre-alerts by Email, SMS or both.

Delivery collection centers:
 We provide ease of deliveries collection centers throughout the peninsula with more than 1000 points in stores with extended hours.

Returns Management:
 We manage your returns with the most advanced reverse logistics market.

 Select another deadline in the same direction of original delivery (maximum 3 days).
 Submit an alternative address (in the same province).
 Authorize the release to a neighbor.
 Collect sending a delegation of TNT.

 Orders passing through customs may be subject to tariffs, such amount shall be paid by the customer.

 If you have a problem with your order we advise you to communicate in their receipt 24 hours. Unless this transport insurance is not liable for any injury or damage caused.