Eden Hogar Security:
  Eden Home is a reputable company and at all times we are responsible for the safety of your order.

Our company:
  We are a transparent company registered under the CIF: 24160270N and located at the address 18151 Granada Spain.

Data protection:
  We care about protecting our clients' data, so all sensitive data is encrypted as required by law. We are also subscribed to the data protection agency compliance with the Data Protection Act law.

  All our payment methods are safe, we have protocol and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encoding sensitive information for electronic payment encryption.

Secure password:
  When setting up an account with our store, do not pick everyday words, family names or birthdays. We recommend using combinations of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. Use a different password for each account.

  Accommodate all their claims within a reasonable time complying with our policy and managing your claim in all cases.
  It is important that before a problem with your order:

  1. contact us ASAP.
  2. Contribution all the information you can on the complaint (text, pictures, etc.)
  3. Keep all receipts and vouchers that will be delivered.