Value for money:
 In EdenHogar the value is excellent and we work every day to make this happen.


Our prices include all taxes.
Do not include customs duties

Value added tax (VAT):
 The product prices are including VAT and Spanish VAT will be applied throughout the European Union. The price of our products and services is indicated at all times on our website.
The European companies and outside the Spanish territory wishing to purchase excluding taxes, must be registered in the Register of Intra-Community transactions and must provide us the special tax identification number (TIN) for intra-Community VAT number or operator to perform the purchasing products.

Calculate the price:
 By adding the products to the shopping cart you a detailed breakdown of PVP product prices + VAT + shipping where you can see that our prices are tight, paying a fair price for services performed will appear. We do not make misleading advertising as "free or without VAT transport" transport is included in the price and from 400 euros assume 100% of the cost. For us all of our customers are important and all deserve a fair price for each and every one of the services provided.
 We realize budgets as for professionals, companies, wholesalers and individuals. Pegunte our operators, or leave a message describing in more detail what products may interest you, quantity, color and other characteristics that creates appropriate.
Wrong Price:
 If it detects that there has been an error in the introduction of the price of an item, after receiving an order, we will contact you ASAP to inform advocacy, and offer the option of cancellation or maintenance the right conditions. Remission autocommit invalid conditions erroneous price. In case of cancellation will be refunded any amount that would have been paid. Without your express agreement to the terms of correct price, shall not be taken to give effect to shipping.
European Union (EU):
 As of July 1, 2013, Croatia has become the 28th member state of the European Union (EU). Eden Home comply with the VAT legislation of Croatia in the same way it does with the current 27 EU Member States.