Company Description:
 Eden Home is a company dedicated to meeting the needs of welfare and comfort of everyday life at home. We seek compromise between quality and design, we focus on specific sectors or entrance hall, kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, office, ceramic, garage and outdoor among others, offering a wide range of products needed to create a environment of comfort at home. The selection of our products are designed to give our customers a better everyday experience and that their use causes emotions satisfactory.

Services offered:  

 Eden Home has very complete custom servivios:

• detailed product descriptions.

• Effective comparator product.

• Support real-time chat, e-mail and telephone.

• professional search collections, products and spare parts.

• Assistance profesinal interior. • Assistance official installers.

• express transport.

• Insurance included national and international transport.

• Management of Customs.

• Management of the security of our products.

Benefits of buying here:
 The comparison and purchase of products in Eden Home is a journey we will do together and which try to maximize profit, squeezing every minute that we're together. We can reach category, filters and a search engine to quickly find what you are looking, the comparison is very effective to decide which product is best suited basing on comparing price caraterísticas and very easily. The doubts that may arise in this trip can contact us through the chat, comments or Try Us: [email protected]. Finally when we pay several possibilities to adapt to the payment method they consider most appropriate. We are at the end of our trip so we would like to know what did you think ?, how was your experience? and of course how can we improve? so to say goodbye will pass an email where you can evaluate the experience and improve our quality. See you soon !.
The secret of our success:
• High standards of quality, professional service and a very efficient customer service.
• Prices fair sale and high safety standards.
• More than 1000 items available in stock and ready to be taken or sent immediately.
We are a transparent company:
 Address: Pablo Picasso No. 4 18151 Granada (Spain)
 CIF: 24160270N
 Phone: 958070045