Attend all claims within a reasonable time 24 hours after receiving your order to comply with our policy and managing your claim in all cases.

 It is important that before a problem with your order:
 1. You contact us as soon as possible.
 2. Contribution all the information you can on the claim (text, pictures, etc.)
 3. Keep all receipts and vouchers that will be delivered.

Representation management order:
 By placing an order at our store you will receive an instantly email and another in the next 24 hours verifying the receipt and management of your order if it does not check the spam folder and contact with sonotros as soon as possible to solve the problem urgently.

Claim transportation:
 Once your order managed in a 24hr period, you will receive an email where you will be informed of the date and approximate time of delivery and which will accompany a code for shipping seguimento.

 Any problems with the tranport is fundamental claim as soon as possible and within 24 hours after receiving your order, so it will be useful to provide an alternative delivery address and an office near you transport.

Claim product:
If the product is in poor condition, malfunctions or missing parts keep in physical contact with us within 7 days of receipt in order to manage the warranty.

Order Cancellations:
In the vast majority of our orders, requests for products to factories are made in Spain and Italy mainly. Given this fact, there is no possibility to cancel orders once shipped from the factory in the vast majority of orders. Therefore we reserve the right to accept order cancellations.