Management Order Deadlines:
  Eden Hogar is committed to process your order as soon as possible, the maximum run time 24 hours after receiving payment.

Product Delivery: 
  Delivery times we try to make the shortest possible since the product is in our warehouse, it is normal delivery time is:

- Spain: 48 hours.

- Europe 72 hours. 

- Rest of the world: 96 hours 

 The estimated delivery time is based on the handling time, the shipping service selected, and the time when the payment is made. Sometimes the estimated delivery time may vary. If you know the estimated delivery time, you can calculate how long before you receive the item. 

Cash payment made:
  It is considered that the payment was paid when it is credited to the account of Eden Home. If you pay using PayPal or credit card, payment can be made effective immediately. On the other hand, if you pay with another form of payment can take several days to become effective.

Deadlines for product availability:
  Items that are not in stock with varying availability by manufacturer ranging from one week to four weeks.

  The approximate delivery time is shown on weekdays (usually equivalent to the days of the week from Monday to Friday). Delivery times do not include Saturdays, Sundays or holidays. Transit times do not include public holidays or days on Sundays, but may include Saturdays depending on the carrier to make deliveries.