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 Belen y Rafael Moneo: union of form and function

Belen y Rafael Moneo Moneo Bethlehem with her daughter, working from Madrid to design timeless works that can be kept current over time.

Moneo Brock Studio architecture are attentive to the union of form and function, as well as social and economic consequences of architecture in society today. The Moneo team has been able to deliver projects that have been carefully considered along the urban scale to an interior detailing to form a coherent in each of its structures everything. The amount and degree of importance of their projects in the framework legible their jobs has risen above what is considered as a mere service or a simple construction program.

In his designs can be found individuality of approach; They never bring a considered response or have a solution formulas of any set of problems, but treat each project as a new beginning and an opportunity to investigate the vocabulary of architecture: space, light and material. Great attention to modulation of the movement and qualities of natural light through the spaces of the projects, guided by the light movement are provided. The materials of construction elements qualities, selection of building materials and interior and exterior finishes, they are always carefully controlled to be consistent with the fundamental concept of the project. In developing a plan to structure a space, the focus of the study invariably question the relationship between the inside and the outside environment, both in the sense of the context of urban projects or natural environment and local climate, giving importance extensive sustainable design.

Their forms are inspired by nature and suggest the movement of water. His chained curves merge with the walls and embrace each other, offering a modular system with interesting formal solutions. His collection opens a new world of possibilities in interior design, for new relations of everyday objects in their environment are explored.

Rafael Moneo has received among other awards, the Gold Medal of Fine Arts from the Spanish government or the Schock Prize awarded by the Schock Foundation and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm. Some of his most representative works are the Atocha station in Madrid and the Museum of Modern Art and Architecture in Stockholm.