How to Fit Kitchen Taps in 7 Steps

Installation of new kitchen faucets offers a simple but effective way to create a fresh new look without breaking the bank way, and are available in a wide range of styles to enhance any decor. In this easy to follow guide explains step by step how to fit new kitchen faucets.

Kitchen mixe tap



Roca kitchen mixer tap

To adapt to the new kitchen faucets you will need:

  • Adjustable wrench
  • pump pliers water
  • old cloth
  • compression fittings
  • Tube cutter
  • Adapting to kitchen faucets
  • Follow these steps and you will have your new kitchen faucet in a very short time.

Step 1 – Turn off the water supply

Turn off the water supply by closing the main water valve – this is near the water meter. Then turn on the faucets and run until no more water. Before loosening the pipes or fittings, put a cloth under the tubes as some water may still drain. If there are any more closing valves in the pipes leading to the tap, close them before starting work.

Step 2 – Loosen the connections

Use an adjustable wrench to loosen and disconnect connections – which could be either two supply tubes each end with a compression fitting or two valves in the pipes under the sink.

Step 3 – Remove the tap

Now you can remove the old kitchen faucet. At the base of the kitchen faucet is a tube with an external thread. This protrudes through the hole in the kitchen sink or countertop and is set lower by a nut, washer or retaining plate. Loosen the nut with the adjustable wrench and remove it by hand. Now you can lift the old faucet top.

Step 4 – Place the new faucet

The new kitchen faucet has a tube with an external thread at its base. Push the tube through the hole in the sink or counter top and push the retaining plate and washer on the tube, mount and tighten the nut with the wrench or adjustable pliers water pump. Make sure the tap is in the correct position.

If you have a new stainless steel sink or countertop composite’ll need to drill a new hole diameter suitable for mounting tube tap. Use a hole saw that is suitable for the sink or countertop materials.

Step 5 – Install the water supply pipes

Inside the large tube assembly in the base kitchen faucet two supply lines – these they are for supplies of hot and cold water. These tubes are made of a soft flexible material with a diameter of 10 mm. It can be folded into the required position by hand and cut to the desired size with a cutter tube if necessary.

Step 6 – flexible supply tubes

flexible supply tubes are supplied with a new kitchen faucet, but are also available separately in different lengths DIY stores. The tubes have a braided stainless steel hose protects synthetic rubber. The ends of the connecting pipes have nuts that are specially designed to provide a seal. Flexible supply tubes are available in different diameters and with multiple connections.

Step 7 – Check for leaks

Once you have built your new taps and joints are tightened, you can open the main water valve. Open the faucet and make sure there are no leaks.

The best advice – make sure no dirt in the water supply lines when installing a new kitchen faucet to avoid contaminating drinking water.

We hope you have found this guide to the new kitchen faucet taps useful. Any questions? Leave a comment below and we will contact you.
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Roca Meridian IN-TANK – Toilet

Roca MERIDIAN | TANK IN-standing toilet with integrated tank

Roca Meridian IN-TANK – standing toilet with integrated tank. The toilet is all technology, including adapters cover and seat parts, installation, outlet .. then I leave a video is worth a thousand words:


A new concept of integral toilet

The company Roca again revolutionizes the world of bathroom with In-Tank system, which for the first time integrates an all in one – the tank on the toilet. Aesthetics, simplicity and ease of installation are united in one piece.
In-Tank marks the beginning of a new era in the bathroom world.



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Everything about the collection Roca L90

Everything about the collection Roca L90

Roca L90

Roca L90 is a collection of taps for the bathroom which has the highest technology designed only and exclusively to be put in each of the taps of this collection. Its purity and solid structure make this necessary element for the bathroom becomes the main object of the bathroom decorating and made the best of their functions Grifo. Made of stainless steel, the most suitable for the installation of a steel faucet in the bathroom. It has all the advantages of being an extremely hygienic, easy to clean, with a modern and dynamic aesthetics and material. A charm that is accented with clear design.

Accuracy, brightness and heart

Accuracy, brightness and heart are the elements that determine the value of the L90 series bathroom. It is really surprising, or rather would say a perfect study in different faucet finish. Made in polished chrome us to a universe governed by technology.


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Types of taps – How to choose the best?

There are millions of different types of faucets and throughout the history of the taps have been improving their technology gradually introducing us to a world increasingly adapted to the needs of the user who will use this main element of the bathroom.

As we said faucet could say it is one of the main elements of a bathroom, and the tool by which we make the water flow differently depending on where it is installed, it could be a bidet in the shower, the sink … in every place your need is different and way stock up is also different. It is in charge of closing the flow of water and as they reach us exorbitant bills for unnecessary water consumption.


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Roca Meridian – IN-TANK toilet installation

Today we want to introduce the fabulous Roca Meridian IN-TANK – hung toilet with integrated tank. It is a toilet seat that incorporates everything, cover, water tank and electronics. One element all in one with a very attractive and concealed bath design.

It incorporates a support “Y” for mural installation, plus outlet needs.

Then we leave a video explaining how to install this product and so you can go and become familiar with it and start thinking how it would be in your bathroom:


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Superslim STONEX® shower trays

Superslim STONEX® shower trays

Shower trays made of STONEX®, a strong and durable material, which are offered in a wide range of dimensions. Their textured finish makes the shower tray highly slip-resistant.

Superslim STONEX® shower tray
Roca Terran – Superslim STONEX® shower tray
Superslim STONEX® shower tray
Roca Helios – Superslim STONEX® shower tray









El textured finish gives the dish a sharp slip resistance (class C), providing maximum safety during use. It also provides a very pleasant natural feel to the touch.


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How to choose the valve to the toilet?

Do you have to choose a faucet for your bathroom? then you also have to choose the type of valve that suits you. The valve prevents the strongest elements, like hair, sneaking down the drain and causing jams.

The most normal options are the automatic valve and retractable chain, but there is another type, click clack valve, which is fashionable.


Roca Targa




Automatic valve: you can open and close with a rod or small lever located just behind the faucet.







Retractable chain: is the traditional choice, it consists of a subject to sink chain having a plug at the end, in most cases plastic retractable currently being manufactured tragacadenillas that hide inside the faucet.





Fixed: is the most common in public restrooms, the valve is not opened or closed, there always remains in the same position. Usually the most suitable for baths with overflow option.




Pulsating or click-clack: It is a very practical and modern option, it can be adapted to most sinks and operation is very comfortable: the valve is opened and closed by pressing. This type of valve is purchased separately, so if you want to include in your sink when you go to buy the faucet should choose the option to smooth body without automatic drain or retractable chain and acquire both the valve click-clack separately.



The criteria for choosing are:

1. Space for tap:

If the wall is very close to the sink in the space that will be placed on the tap, it is best to discard the automatic valve, as you will need some room to move up and down the rod opens and closes the valve. In this case the best options are click-clack valve or “retractable chain”.

2. Depth sink:

Depending on whether you have a flat or rather deep basin will be best for one option or another. Shallow basins for the fixed valve is the best solution, since these toilets are not designed to hold water.

3. Price:

The cheapest option is undoubtedly the retractable chain, the traditional solution. Almost all the commercially available taps allows you to choose between retractable chain or automatic drain valve.

4. Trend:

The click-clack valve is the option with the most elegant design besides being also practical and comfortable. It is very easy to substitute any of the above valves for this, since very simple installation.

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